relievingPainConditions We Treat

* Back problems
* Autoimmune Disorders
* Headaches
* Sprains or Strains & Body Pains
* Insomnia
* Depression/Anxiety
* Arthritis/Rheumatoid Arthritis
* High Blood Pressure
* Digestive Problems

* Whiplash & accident injuries
* Numbness and tingling
* TMJ problems
* Menstrual disorders
* Head, neck, shoulder & knee problems
* Sinus challenges
* Detox Programs for Health
* Fibromyalgia, Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis, Lupus
* Functional Medicine Evaluation

“I view chiropractic care as an essential component of our healthcare system. While conventional medicine does a good job of screening for the early detection of disease,
I believe that regular use of chiropractic actually prevents early stages of disease from evolving into crisis disease care management. I have referred many patients to
chiropractic care and they have benefitted from this wellness approach to maintaining health.”

–Dr. Richard Sarnat, M.D.
  President of Alternative Medicine Integration (AMI)