Detox & Nutrition

detoxSTRESS not only causes disease but is a disease in and of itself. According to Hans Selye, PhD (The Stress of Life, 1956).

It can come from mechanical, chemical, emotional or energetic sources but the effect is always the same. Stress challenges the body’s ability to maintain balance. Exhaustion of the body’s ability to compensate is marked by the appearance of both muscle contractions and compromised digestion.

Poor or inadequate digestion leads to bowel toxicity which severely challenges the immune system. When the immune system is challenged beyond its immediate ability to respond the body exhibits signs of inflammation such as fever, redness, swelling, pain and abnormal difficult, painful motion. These are the key signs of food enzyme deficiencies and cannot be helped with aspirin, antacid, laxative or antidepressants.

The only lasting solution is to eliminate the source of stress and to nourish the stressed organ or tissue with vital nutrients and enzymes. Supported adequately, the body will heal itself.

We can help guide you with customized diet, detox and/or nutrition plans.