Detox Helps Solve Mysteries

Many people think that chirpractors only adjust the spine but as a doctor of chiropractic I am privileged to help people who come to me with all kinds of complaints and ailments.  CJ had suffered for years with various health issues.  For years she searched for answers and we both celebrated as I helped her find the answers.  Here is a bit of her story:
“It’s not often one finds a great doctor as I did in Dr. Christianson.  He is attentive and sensitive to my needs.  I knew immediately I could trust him.  I explained my discomfort, knowing something wasn’t just right in my body.  That’s when Dr. Christianson recommeded we start with a detox.  I had symptoms of fatigue and a diagnosis from another doctor of irritable bowel syndrome.  I suffered for twenty four tortuous years with bouts of constipation, low immune system, acne, body aches and mind fog.
Dr. Christianson recommeded a complete detox to cleanse my body of the build up of toxins.  As soon as I started the detox I felt improvement in my body and mind.  I started to think clearer and have more energy.  I could go out with my fifteen year old son and not be exhausted.  Through the detox, I also found out I am gluten and lactose intolerant.  Now I am free of toxins and know what not to put in my body.  I have no symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome, no aches, no fatigue and have changed to a healthy eating lifestyle.
Thanks Dr. Christianson for being the great doctor I neede and recommending a detox!”
Thanks, CJ, for sharing your story and for making my day!!

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