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The human body needs no interference to function at it’s best.¬†Chiropractors are the only profession trained to Detect, Remove and Prevent the most common cause of INTERFERENCE to your body, Subluxations.

Subluxations are the result of stress on your body. They interfere with the messages that direct the function of your body. These messages come from the brain via the nervous system to every cell, tissue and organ in the body.

Dr. Kent Christianson uses a variety of techniques to ADJUST the spine to remove subluxations. When you are adjusted, proper motion is restored and unhealthy patterns of adaptive change begin to unravel allowing you to function at higher levels. Pain is diminished and energy is restored.

Chiropractic doctors treat a wide variety of conditions and does not rely on drugs or surgery to achieve its results. Chiropractic is recognized as a safe and effective treatment for conditions of musculo-skeletal origin, so don’t wait for symptoms to develop before seeking chiropractic care.

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